• Newbie here!!! First time making snack sticks today. I ended up watching one of the videos on making snack sticks. You can’t even bite threw or break of the casing it’s just rubber that won’t break i smoked them to 160 and gave them an ice bath and let them sit and still no change help!!!

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    blueross24 Give us more of your process please. What was your meat block, fat content, what additives did you use, how much water did you add to the meat, what was your smoke schedule? Anything you can think of let us know to see what we can identify.

  • Jonathon 75% venison 25% pork fat with honey bbq seasoning, the pink cure, sure gel, and smoked meat stabilizer, I ended up putting them in the oven at 125 for an hour 150 for an hour and then put them on my smoker at 180 the lowest it would go till they hit 160

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