Any WSM owners able to hold 125 degrees?

  • Team Orange

    Are there any WSM owners out there able to hold 125 and step up temps every hour? If so please share your knowledge. I have both the 18" and 22". Also what hangers do you use?

  • Team Blue

    You are talking about COLD SMOKING at 125F. If you want graduated temperature steps, a pellet smoker is probably the better way to go.

    A single WSM is a bit short to ‘hang’ stuff if you ask me. I’ve got a fabbed up double but, to be honest if I was going smoke something slowly and with lower temperatures, I’d use my reverse flow stick burner.

    With a 14", 18", 22", and a double 22" I’m a big fan but, hanging sausage or ribs or cold smoking are not their strength. YMMV.

    The BBQ-Brethern and WSM (virtual bullet?) forums are good places to find advice on something specific like this.

  • Team Orange PK100 Sous Vide Power User

    I bet you could hold something around 125F in a WSM by building a smaller fire, but the trick will be stepping it up every hour for a long time. Obviously, you just add more coals, but it’s probably a matter of trial and error as to how many. Unless The Force is much stronger in your family than it is in mine, you’ll probably want something like a Billows or Guru.

    The other trick is what sidpost mentioned, the hanging. There’s not much room there. I’ve seen extenders for sale, but they are mighty expensive.

  • Team Orange

    That’s what I thought. I love my WSM, just not the right tool for this job. I see another smoker in my future. Will have to start laying the ground work with the wife.

  • Team Orange PK100 Sous Vide Power User

    I just saw a post by Dan Ferdinande about using his WSM and a sausage hanger for snack sticks. Maybe he has some insight.

  • TexLaw
    Sorry for the delayed response…
    I have a weber sausage/fish hanger in my wsm 22 and 18.
    I use the snake method with Kingsford and no wood (the briquettes provide adequate smoke flavor/color) the snake gets wider and I shuffle the coals as needed.
    I shoot for 110-130 for 1 hour to dry
    140-160 1 hour and 180-200 to finish.
    I cut my casings 33" (fresh or collagen)
    And tie the ends so I can flip the rings and prevent over cooking the top half of the sausage.

  • Team Orange

    Thanks, I will try it without food and see how it goes. Perhaps a 2 wide snake then increase to 2 wide & 1 on top then 2 stacked over 2 and see what happens. I also have a neighbor that has a 22. I may borrow his mid section and try double stacking. Might need a ladder. :')

    Like the tying and rotating idea.


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