For Those Of You Who Have Used Willies Snack Stick Seasoning

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    My local source for meat stick seasoning has closed their doors while they relocate to a new building.

    This was just one thing that led me to Waltons and I plan on making a batch of venison sticks using Willies Meat Stick seasonings.

    For those of you that have used Willies Stick Seasoning before, can any of you describe the flavor profile for the finished sticks? What did you like about it? Anything you disliked about it?

    Any particular flavors that stand out in front ? Sadly, the web site reviews are short on specifics other than “good” and “a little spicy”.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I use Willies as my go to. I would describe it as a classic meat stick with a little heat that come in the end. Not real spicy but just enough. I’ve used it with venison, goose, pork and beef all have been good and enjoyed be everyone that has tried them

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    processhead I would call it a classic flavor with some black pepper heat. Nothing that would be too spicy to anyone who doesnt have an extreme aversion to any pepper or heat. It’s our best seller for a reason, very good seasoning and one that we love!

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    Thanks, Jonathon. We finished a 25 lb batch yesterday evening and the three of us were very pleased with the finished sticks. We used 80/20 venison and beef fat for our meat block.

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