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    Masterbuilt - MES130G electric
    Smoked summer sausage last week and noticed wild temperature swings of over 30 degrees and inaccurate readings (I shadowed both the cabinet and meat probe with a 2 probe Maverick which I had checked)
    I never paid much attention high temp smokes since I figured setting the temp in the middle of the swing it would equal out and I don’t usually smoke summer sausage
    But I needed precise control this time for a low temp smoke and finish in Sous Vide
    Is this normal and is the only fix installing a PID and bypassing Masterbuilt control?

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    glen my MB electric temperature control is pretty inconsistent also. Talking with some other users that sounds like a common issue. Some have learned to live with it and work around it and others have created their own control. I am in the former camp. Until I decide which way to go on my next smoker I make adjustments and monitor. I had hope for this one but it didn’t pan out.

  • I rewired per instructions at above. Picked up PID FROM Amazon. Have done on a MES 30 & 40 inch. Works great

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    mdimick Thanks that is a very simple conversion.
    I also fount some real world operating tips about pre heating and temp stabilizing with a baffle but the PID conversion looks like a one and done fix
    I wish the Wi-Fi PIDs weren’t so expensive

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    mdimick thanks for the info. I might just give it a try this winter.

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    If your MB isn’t insulated, trying to maintain a constant temperature outdoors in the wintertime might be tough, even if the controls are working. You might try moving it in out of the wind or wrapping it in an some insulation.

  • The PID I picked up is from Auber Instruments. Not the cheapest but works great holds temp within 1 or 2 degrees. You can save up tp 6 smoke schedules. Each schedule can be configured for time and temp. Sach as for snack sticks you can build a schedule that will control each time temp phase. Turn it on and it runs the schedule. Away to save some cost is to pickup a used mes that the buner still works. You will be bypassing the OEM PID anyway. To finsh off my MES, I added a Smokedaddy cold smoker and placed a ceramic floor tile over the buner to disipate the heat. Both my MES’s have hot spots back right corner. Vent is right over the buner pulling heat straight up that side. I like how my setup works so far.

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