Walton's Mixer with other grinders

  • So, on a whim this morning I decided to see if the new 50 LB mixer would mate up with the older style Cabela’s #12 Carnivore grinder that I have. It does.


    So, if you have a non-Walton’s grinder and want to get the 50 LB mixer, I would absolutely do it. While I can’t guarantee that it will work with your grinder, it probably will. The worst that can happen is you’ll have to hand crank it. And with that, I’ll keep the comment that my 12 year old wants to say to you Blue Teamers to myself…

    PS: Ignore the dungeon…

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    Some do, sadly some dont. We got over excited when our mixer fit with a weston grinder, we assumed it would be both ways but they intentionally made their connections small so it wouldnt work. Glad this worked for ya!

  • Mates well with the LEM 32 big bite.

  • badfire2625

    Hi badfire2625 how old would you say your grinder is? I to have a cabelas carnivore grinder #22 and wanting to know if they fit or not. Could you send a photo of the spline shaft on the mixer just so I can see it please?

  • Team Orange Sous Vide Regular Contributors

    OutdoorCharlie said in Walton's Mixer with other grinders:


    Hi badfire2625 how old would you say your grinder is? I to have a cabelas carnivore grinder #22 and wanting to know if they fit or not. Could you send a photo of the spline shaft on the mixer just so I can see it please?

    Ive done lots of research on this and found that the shaft isnt the problem. The hub that connects the two units together is the problem most times.
    The old weston and new carnivore series are a 6 spline 3/4" shaft and both work with the cabelas commercial 50lb mixer and now we learn the waltons mixer too.

  • Team Orange Sous Vide Regular Contributors

    badfire2625 the grinder you have is the current carnivore series brought out in 2012 or 16 i think it was. Previous cabelas units were made by weston and looks just like the weston butcher series. I have both. A #12 old style and a new #22 carnivore. Both cabelas units. Its awesome the waltons mixers fit since the cabelas mixers are often out of stock.

  • Team Orange Sous Vide Regular Contributors

    20210304_234452.jpg This is what i mean. Real close to 2.5" hub. This is my old Weston made cabelas #12. My new carnivore #22 measures the same

  • Sorry for the late reply. I’m at work doing my 24 hour shift. I’ll get a picture when I get home. I bought my grinder in 2019, just before the most recent change and incidentally just before I found Waltons. If I’m being honest, had I found Walton’s and Meatgistics before I bought the grinder, I’d have gotten it from Walton’s. The business is just too good not to support. Especially :orangehat: Austin :orangehat: and :bluehat: Jonathon :bluehat: I know where I’ll be buying my next grinder whether I up-size or replace my current one.

  • Team Orange Sous Vide Regular Contributors

    badfire2625 what changes were made in '19?

  • smokinbubba honestly I don’t know. I decided on a #12 and went there because I got reward points on my Southwest account. The new ones look substantially different but then again I was only looking online. I went with the Walton’s mixer not knowing if it would connect to the grinder because it has the handle so I knew I wouldn’t be left hanging if it didn’t connect. I had a long honey do list before I left for work (overtime) so I didn’t get a picture today. On a happy note, and relating to another post, I did get a few seconds to check the progress and taste of my blood orange wine and so far so good.

  • Team Orange Sous Vide Regular Contributors

    Your carnivore looks identical to all i have seen on the shelf at Cabelas and my new #22. I dont think any changes were made in the carnivore line since they have been in production.

  • Team Orange Sous Vide Regular Contributors

    This is what the old cabelas (pre carnivore) grinders look like. This is my #12 20210219_091950.jpg

  • Team Orange Sous Vide Regular Contributors


  • smokinbubba Here’s three shots. The first is off of the Cabelas site of the new grinder, the second is a side view of mine and the third is the hub and splines. I didn’t have a tape measure with me. I am working on my fire to get dinner smoked right now (while I finally have some time at home…) It’s fairly obvious that they either went with a new manufacturer or just updated the aesthetics. The on/off switch is different, the drawer is in a different position and the shrouding around the motor is a lot different. I feel bad talking about a competitor’s brand on Walton’s site but I hope it can help people until they find the need to upgrade their grinder and maybe move to a Walton’s.




  • Team Orange Sous Vide Regular Contributors

    WOW, there is a difference. My #22 looks just like yours with the storage drawer on the front. The newest rendition has the drawer on the side. Mine does have a reverse switch tho as do all sizes currently sold. So there are different “generations” of the cabelas carnivore grinders. I doubt Austin and Jon mind us talking about competitors grinders since we are really trying to find other grinders that their mixer will fit. I may be wrong. I know many folks want to buy the Walton’s mixer but are scared that it wont fit a grinder they already have. Look at the Q&A section on their mixer at Waltons inc. Lots of people are asking what the mixer will fit. When you get a chance, please measure the hub and see if it is close to 2.5" so we can share the findings. Thx

  • smokinbubba will do. I’m once again at work… I hope they don’t mind us talking about this. What I hope to do is generate more sales for them because this community has done a lot for me already. The obvious choice is to get Walton’s equipment when able or needed. That is what I’m going to do. :orangehat:

  • Team Blue

    My new 50# Waltons mixer fits on my LEM #8. Ran over 200# through it Saturday. My son was thinking he was getting a cheap grinder since I purchased a #32. Sorry

  • Team Orange Sous Vide Regular Contributors

    RandyNight what does your LEM hub measure? Is it a perfect fit 3/4"x 6 spline shaft?

  • Team Blue

    The ID of the LEM hub is 2.125. The 3/4 x 6 spline shaft seems to fit perfectly. Saturday our daughter made a mistake mixing the seasonings on a 25 lb batch and we had to double it and it turned the overfull mixer load fine.

  • Team Orange Sous Vide Regular Contributors

    RandyNight So, is the waltons mixer hub 2"?? Now I see how the Waltons mixer will fit many grinder manufacturers. (this is good!) A 2" mixer hub will fit any grinder hub larger than 2" but obviously not smaller. IE: LEM at 2.125, Cabelas 2.5
    seems everyone uses a 3/4" x 6spline shaft to drive it all

    Looks like Cabelas mixers will only fit Cabelas grinders with both being 2.5" Go figure…

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