Cure weight for pickling question

  • I am trying to understand the weight of cure used and ingoing ppm of nitrite.

    For example the country brown sugar cure is 0.75% nitrite (by mass I assume).

    It is recommended that 1.52 lbs (689.5 grams) of this cure be used per gallon (3.786 liters) water for pickling bacon.

    Here is the problem I am having:

    689.5 grams cure x 0.0075 nitrite content = 5.17 grams of nitrite per 1.52 lbs of cure.

    adding this to one gallon of water gives a nitrite concentration (per liter) of:

    5.17 grams nitrite /3.786 liters per gallon = 1.366 grams nitrite per liter which is much higher than the stated 120 ppm ingoing nitrite which would be 0.120 grams nitrite per liter of water not 1.366 grams per liter I calculated.

    Can anyone spot where am I going wrong in my calculations?


  • Team Orange

    BobK take a look at my spread sheet I attached to the bragging board “Fresh Smoked Ham”. It wasn’t created for bacon cure but uses the brown sugar cure and is scalable. Hope it helps!

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