• Was thinking about making spicy pickle snack sticks, any direction was going to do 50/50 pork but and venison and add some jalapeños and habaneros from the garden maybe add some minced garlic any direction from anyone who has used this seasoning I really like spicy

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    Sounds like a solid plan. Im thinking the hotter that pepper less the amount, or even a dry pepper powder to help evenly distribute the heat. I think hot pickles, you dont taste the pepper flavor you taste pickles with straight heat. As far as the amount of of pepper or powder I wouldn’t have a clue on amounts. For jalapeno sausages I usually shoot for 5-8% by weight for fresh jalapeno chopped but thats not super hot and I want jalapeno flavor + heat.
    Hopefully my rambling is helpful.

  • I did a quart bag of jalapeño that were frozen from my garden in a 25 lb batch, could of used more heat but they are pretty good

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    Bhouin1086 I grew ghost peppers and Chile peppers, dried them and ground them up in the wifes coffee grinder( not recommended if your going to grind coffee again I found out later the hard way). Anyway, I add a table spoon to 25# of meat. i find it much easier to do it that way. It mixes in better and more even flavor

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