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  • Recently we, myself,husband,daughter and son in law, butcher this HUGE hog we raised for 2 1/2 years. She was more than what the tractor wanted, we had to weigh the back down even gutted with the head off it was hard to lift. Took us a few days total to get everything cut up and salted. While working my daughter cooked up some of the ribs and they were great. There was less fat on her than what I expected. It was a learning and memory for the kids and us all! Tried to post photo, unsuccessful.

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    Hit the jackpot. Was in a local meat market looking at whole bagged open range beef tenderloin they normally sell for $12.99/lb. when the butcher dropped a 7 lber in front of me discounted to 6.99/lb. because it had to be sold due to timing. They sell these butchered filets for 26.99/lb. Win! Finished product weight was 6.5 lbs. Definitely worth the hour to butcher and vacuum pack for a savings of $135.
    Open range beef tenderloin butchered 2-18-21 resized.jpg

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    zbigjeff Send me the pic in an email. That’s worth posting for sure!

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    Jonathon Responded to your email. Read it and smile. Please!!! This ex IT guy obviously had a short circuit.

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