finally bought pk100 opened and assembled but didn't use yet

  • PK100

    I am ordering the pk100. It is on back order from what I can find on the Waltons Inc. site. I am not sure how to go about ordering it. There is something about whether a lift gate is needed and if it is business or residential. Which options do I select? It is a residential delivery. Which carrier brings it and do they take it off the truck for you or what? Anyone who has ordered or who knows, any info would be totally appreciated. Thanks!! ALso happy new Year to all.I got the pk100 in last week. My son and I assembled and what a nice smoker it is. DIdn’t get to use it because we were moving my son out of his house. REally well built and neat the way the product screens are held. On the youtube video Jonathan mentions not scrubbing the walls. Jonathan do you take the screen holders and clean them or do you just leave it in and clean the drip pan and bottom of the smoker? I can’t wait to rry the pk100 out if it works as good as it is built I will be totally satisfied.

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