Snack stick blues

  • Harkness Awesome design, that’s impressive.

  • Jonathon the stuffing tube doesn’t have a label but I think it’s an un-tapered 12mm. I don’t think anything was blocking the end because it happened too many times. However, I did some closer inspection last night and the seal does have a little nick in it, not sure if this happened before our struggle or during our struggle but I’d suspect that could be a big reason as well.

    Some very good points and ideas on here, thanks everyone. Now it’s decision time for me, fix “cheap” stuffer, improve cast iron stuffer as shown above, or buy one of the stuffers on this website. I must admit, the smooth elbow at the bottom, having 2 different crank speeds, etc. seem like a big advantage. From what I’ve read and seen online, they also look very well built.

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    jjischke I personally have not experienced trapped air in my cast iron stuffers.

    I generally just fill the cylinder with sausage mix and as I compress the mix during the first couple of cranks, I hear any trapped air vent out past the piston.

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