Z-Linker Cub Sausage Linker

  • I’m interested in the Z-Linker Cub Sausage Linker and I have a few questions about it.
    Are the links twisted and cut or just cut?
    One of our sausages are pretty long (12in) would that be possible? Maybe using the 6in and remove every other blade?
    Thank you

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    Dirk Bosner They are crimped and cut. It is a quick and easy way to get collagen to close better than twisting and cutting. You can switch the cams but I don’t know if blades can be removed. I will find out and report back.

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    Dirk Bosner I checked and if you remove one of the cam you will get a 11.5" sausage but the real issue is that there are 5 cutters so you can’t remove them and have all 11.5", one of them is going to be 5.25". Hope that helped. For collagen, they do sell attachments to stuffers that will twist and hold it, but they only work on hydraulic/vacuum stuffers. I don’t do much with that as it is a purely commercial piece of equipment but if you want more information on it please contact our Customer Service at 800-835-2832 and they will get you to the salesman for your area.

  • thank you so much

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