First time snack sticks and thermo processing

  • Jonathon, please post what you find out from the manufacture. I had previously submitted a request for help from the group for a similar occurrence with my PK-100 and my first and only so far attempt to make snack sticks. I got some suggestions to try the next time but overall I came away with the conclusion that it can’t keep up with Iowa winters at either temp setting.

  • Thank you for your continued support. I called them last week and left a message. They never called me back. I had to finish my snack sticks in my Traeger. I didn’t purchase a PK 100 to use my pellet grill.
    Thank you

  • Give Bill Rink a call, he is a service representative for PK. Cell # 920-370-1684 or 563-359-7967.

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    This post is deleted!

  • I contacted Bill. He said the PK100 will Not work well in cold weather. He did give me some ideas. I will push my smoker outside my garage and complete the smoking process in cold weather. I will then put my smoker inside my garage and complete the cooking process
    More to come.

  • So the pk100 will not work well in cold weather per the manufacturer? I have been wanting to purchace this smoker for a while and i use my smokers year round in Pennsylvania. I have a smokeshack and never had any problems with it. It is too small and only gets down to 140. I liked that the pk100 could cold smoke for cheese and bacon and hoping a better smoke flavor than using smoke tubes

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    DieselAddiction you will not have an issue with cold temps, yes it may take longer to finish compared to doing it in the summer but they are very well insulated. I am having a hard time believing it will persay “cold smoke”. I’m thinking it will still get too warm using the factory burner and may still have to use a smoke tube

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    taufrecht This is news to me. I have used mine in the snow at 5 degrees here in Colorado and it worked. Very strange.

  • lkrfletcher I thought it seemed strange coming from the manufacturer also. I can see them saying that it need to work harder to keep temp but to say it doesn’t work good when it is supposed to be so well insulated. I also understand there are vents on top and bottom that would cause some heat loss but kind of disappointing to hear

  • When the machine failed to get to temperature, it was -6 degrees. It was outside in Bozeman Montana. The altitude here is 4800. I had ice from the machine to the concrete it was sitting on. I rent, and not able to put a hole through my garage for venting purposes.
    The machine setting was on high for 36 hours, never reaching temperature. The machine was 2 weeks old at the time of this event.
    I hope this helps.

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