• Are there any seasonings you have listed that could not or should not be used for snack sticks? I only make snack sticks and bacon. I have had great success with both using your products. I am putting together another order and only want to be choosing from flavors that will work for snack sticks. Here is lebanon bologna! Awesome! whole batch.jpg mini bites.jpg stick composition.jpg single pack.jpg

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    1oldfart That looks delicious. Makes me hungry.

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    1oldfart (same response in another post) When you say listed, I assume you mean basically anything on waltonsinc.com? Anything CAN be used but I’d not say everything SHOULD be used. For example, a bratwurst seasoning or breakfast sausage is formulated for fresh products, they might not have the salt content necessary to properly aid in protein extraction. That can be gotten around though by using more seasoning per lb of meat. However, there isn’t a standard equation for converting fresh to cured because the salt content is different for each seasoning, so all basically have to be figured out by making small test batches.

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