• I have used cold phosphate the last few times making summer sausage. Both times they have turned out good. Is there A reason everyone says to use sure gel? I have used sure gel in the past but ran out so used cold phosphate. Would appreciate any feed back anyone has.

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    In my non expert opinion, cold phosphates help meat to retain moisture and that is all. Where as Sure Gel is a milk based binder, that also contains phosphates, but its primary function is to act as a binder.

  • Thanks Tex will have to reorder some sure gel, so sure gel has cold phosphate in it and what powdered milk?

  • shoprat53 powdered milk is the actual binder in suregel. Phosphate retains moisture, but it also acts as a meat preservative by raising the PH of meat. There are several binders available and they do have their places depending on what you are doing. I use suregel and carrot fiber depending on what I’m doing, but in a previous life I used some of the other binders and moisture retention products as well.

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