newbie here

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    Where are you from (city/state)? Independence, MO

    How much experience do you have in meat processing or smoking/grilling? Just starting with processing. Lots of grilling/smoking experience. Compete around the region in KCBS competitions, last year finishing 24th in their Team of the Year race, and as high as 8th in pork. The way we trim pork and brisket for comps leads to lots of trimmings, so want to start making sausage that we can use at home, and when catering/vending. I currently have 65 lbs of pork trimmings from the pork for our first 4 comps this year. We’ll do somewhere between 20-25, so do the math. I have it vacuum sealed in 5 pound packages in the freezer right now, so I can start making smaller batches until I’m confident enough to make big ones (aim small, miss small).

    What is your favorite meat snack or seasoning flavor? Jalapeno Cheddar

    What is your current smoker or grill? Gateway Drum Smokers (5 of them) GMG Jim Bowie, PK TX, WSM (3), weber performer, home built UDS

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    Midwest_kc You have a nice collection of smokers there! Welcome to the site

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    Thanks! The multiples are because we cook comps on Gateways, and used to on WSMs. No other reason to have so many duplicates, lol.

    Can’t wait to dive in. Grinder got delivered last week, looking for a stuffer. Is the 11 lb one on the site going to be back in stock soon?

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    This post is deleted!
  • Team Blue

    This post is deleted!
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