Alfredo Sauce! Will it BBQ?

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    Will it BBQ? Alfredo Sauce!

    In this segment we pose the question and the answer to Will it BBQ? So much more than just hamburgers, hot dogs, and other meats can be BBQ'd, Grilled, or Smoked. And, this is where we try out unique ideas for cooking on a grill or smoker. This week we are BBQ'ing Alfredo Sauce and letting you know if it will BBQ or not!

    Prep Time

    10 Minutes

    Cook Time

    2 1/2 Hours


    1 Box of Penne Pasta
    Can of Alfredo Sauce


    Empty your jar of Alfredo Sauce into a foil pan, or other pan that you don't mind putting in the smoker, and smoke at low heat for 2 /12 hours. You could probably get away with 1 1/2 hours and still pick up a decent amount of smoke. Boil your pasta and add the sauce to it once you are done smoking it.

    So, Will it BBQ?

    Pasta is not something that I thought to try smoking but now that we have done the baked ziti and this I am going to try more! This will certainly BBQ! The Alfredo Sauce picked up a good amount of smoke and it goes very well with the creamy taste of the sauce, I will definitely be doing this one again!

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