• First post and first attempt at smoked sausage. Question one. Do I need Sure-Jell ? Question two do I need encapsulated citric acid? Question three how much water do I need in a 25 lb batch ?
    Thanks for any help ahead of time , this is my first attempt at smoked sausage.

  • Team Blue PK100

    There is no cookie cutter answer to these question, there are several variables to consider with each. First question; most people would agree that using a binder in smoked meats is the best practice for achieving a good texture and feel. It will help retain moisture in the meat and helps to bind the fat to the meat, but is not an absolute necessity for making a good sausage. Question 2; I do not use ECA in most of my sausages, I use it primarily in snack sticks because I like the initial tang it brings when you bit into it, I also have used it in summer sausage but usually not. Question 3 also depends on the types and desired outcomes with the sausage you are making. As a default I target around one quart per 25 pounds of meat, but often adjust to obtain good emulsification.

  • bpschuebel
    Thanks so much.I was thinking along those lines myself but being the first attempt wasn’t sure if myself. Ive made summer sausage several times and use the citric but didn’t think the sausage needed it.
    Thanks again!

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