To Re-Grind or just Re-Stuff?

  • Please help! I stuffed 8 lbs. of chorizo sausages, but after grinding and stuffing the sausage, I realized that I forgot to mix in the 9 cloves of minced fresh garlic. So I removed the casing from all of the sausage and mixed in the garlic by hand.
    While re-grinding the meat mixture will likely more evenly distribute the garlic, I don’t want to risk further comprimising the consistency of the the meat/ mixture.
    My question is:
    Should I regrind the meat before stuffing it or should I just got ahead and re-stuff the sausage?
    Thank you ahead of time!!!

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    smuthe_cat If you are wanting a classic chorizo texture, which is far more crumbly than other sausages, I would absolutely recommend that you just mix it in and restuff instead of regrinding. That is going to break the meat down more, even if you grind through a 3/8th plate.

  • Jonathon Thank you so much for the advice!
    I really appreciate it.

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    If you mix in the garlic, then pack it in a pan and let it sit overnight in the refrigerator prior to stuffing, you may find you get better distribution of the flavors.

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