Hamburger meat Vs regular meat for snack sticks

  • Pros and cons between using hamburger meat and regular meat for making snack sticks? I am going to sell what I make.

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    Personally, I think you get the best quality of sausage when you grind, mix, and stuff in as short of time window as possible. With purchased ground beef, you kind of lose control of that.
    While you certainly can make snack sticks from some one elses ground meat, and I am sure many hobbyists do, you probably won’t see too many commercial processors doing that.

    Just from an economics stand point, paying someone else to grind your meat is going to cut into your bottom line if you are planning to sell your snack sticks.

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    Lots of liability there. I give mine away. Also You control the process when you grind, cutting cost by 50%. Example: Walmart ground meat may have up to 100 different cows or pig donors per 1lb yock!!😎

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    Sdickey1960 All things being equal use meat you just ground. If that isn’t possible then buying ground beef with the correct fat content is fine but it is never going to be as good as meat you just ground. Also, for sticks, I highly recommend pork or at least pork fat. It is creamier, lighter in color and has less of a taste than any other fat that is readily available.

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