Snack stix

  • I’m a little confused myself… I’ve made a lot of snack sticks without binder and the finish product was just fine. I will say that my curiosity has got the best of me and I will be ordering some sure gel to try on my next batch.
    I’m new to this forum and I love it !!

  • Team Blue Canning Regular Contributors

    I never used binder until I started watching Waltons videos, and my sausages turned out good. Now I use it if I have it, but don’t worry if I don’t have any. One place I find where it makes a difference is in my smoked polish

  • Team Blue

    Great info I appreciate that…you know I have done without in the past as well using the high mountain or one of those brands and it came out great …I must say I have better seasoning now though with the Excalibur brands for sure…thanks again for info…

  • Team Blue

    Thank you for your input that sounds good to me…

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