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  • I have always paid for someone to make all my sausage each year from the deer I harvest. My father in law always took it in to his buddies but my father in law passed away this summer and his buddy has health issues so I could go somewhere else bur I want to get into doing it myself. In the past I would get jalapeño and wild rice, Christmas and Honey garlic with deer/pork. They were fresh sausage that I would cook and the whole family would eat them all up! I have access to a grinder and stuffer with a big area to take this on. I have 65 pounds of deer and it’s frozen in 10lb bags because I would like to try smaller batches to start off with. So this might be a can of worms but can someone let me know a good recipe to start off with and ratios?


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    There’s lots good ones to choose from and use the conversion chart to help measure things out correctly. Watch a couple videos it helps a lot. Good luck
    I just did deer lime habenaro I find the lime to strong of a flavor but has good heat. Add about 10% more excaliber seasoning to deer it helps bring out the flavor

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    Start looking around for a local source of pork or pork fat that you can add to your venison. Venison is much too lean to make good sausage by itself (although it makes great jerky).

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    My source for pork fat are the Bone-In pork butts. Don’t need the cap for pulled pork, steaks and ham. I trim the fat cap off , and save it for game meat. I buy bone out for sausage and B-I by the case. Freeze till i need😎

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    the sky is the limit on what you want to make if you have access to the equipment that alone is a big help to a future in sausage making. there are many sources of information ,many good videos here with good info and many books for reference out there

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    As a start, 50-50 Game to bone out pork butt. Taste great with any recipe. Just don’t use sage. Not complementary to deer, acorns are in their DNA 😎

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    camhagen for me personally i run 50/50, 50% venison and 50% 80/20 pork trim. I like extending my venison out and it comes out great.

    For my customers i do 15lbs venison, 7.5lbs 80/20 pork trim and 2.5lbs pork fat for a 25lb meat block. Cut those numbers in half for a 12.5lb meat block. This helps them cut down costs by not using as much pork.

    If you want to save on the pork cost you can do 75% venison and 25% straight pork fat although most people prefer some pork meat in with their venison.

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    twilliams Problem with us non butchers is getting pork fat. It is now a Law, state or local that the box stores can not sell u the trimmings. Goes to the pig feed barrel.

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    JoeB what are you calling box stores? Local butcher plants or grocery stores with meat depts? I buy whole hogs and have them butchered at a processing plant, i request the extra back fat on top of my 80/20 trim. Usually i have a minimum of two hogs a year done sometimes 3 if i get low on bratwurst. I have one butchered with primal cuts for my family and the others 80/20 trim. And i am just a home processor, no where near a professional butcher.

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    My friend you forget your audience. I live in Lawton OK. The nearest real butcher is a 200mile round trip. No REAL BUTCHER here. Sam’s is our REAL butcher. And can no longer sell the pork fat. I have to make a trip to Dallas just to buy pork butt by the case. 300mile round trip. You are fortunate. I work with what I have. This is a big country😎

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    JoeB i just cant fathom that, sounds like i could have a pretty good successful business down there if i wanted. Unless your states dont allow buthcher plants and meat markets. I thought down south was king for barbecues and cook off competitions. Its is a big country, i guess i am quite fortunate on that front

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    JoeB what about wild hogs? Are they not plentiful down there? Although i am pretty sure they would be quite lean

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    twilliams I must have misunderstood you. You said customers … you must be FDA sanctioned. I am a home processor. Don’t have Customers 😎

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    JoeB no, i just process for friends, coworkers and myself. I consider them customers as they are always asking what i have on hand. As well as do a few weddings and graduations with pulled pork sandwiches. As long as i dont do more than 12 caterings a year i dont need a food license, although i thought about getting one just because

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    Boar. Ck out what it takes to process after the kill😎

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    This is Beef country. Most locals think sausage is none eatable 😎

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    twilliams We’ve had a few 20-30 years ago. No demand and undercut by Sam’s and Restaurant Depot. I get some of my meat from our local commissary at Ft Sill, but they even stopped the fat thing because of an FDA reg. Plenty of BBQ places, they buy in bulk and trucked in. Wild Boar carry a lot of Disease, and shoulder length gloves to clean and process. You have a choice, burn or shave the hair off before gutting, so the parasites’ won’t migrate in the meat. Some of which won’t die till 195* 😎

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    JoeB nothing wrong with pork from sams. I buy a lot of butts from them and the quality is very good. By the case is the way to go. My local sams carry IBP pork, a division of Tyson. Come to think of it, i’m about ready for a new case!

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    camhagen A good, easy place to start is just with fresh sausage. It is the easiest as you have to worry about the least # of things. Fresh sausage would be Brats or Breakfast sausage or really anything you do not add cure to and are planning on cooking on a grill or pan or oven at high temps. The Hatch Green Chili works really well with deer. I would recommend adding 20-30% of your dears weight (so 2-3 lb for a 10 lb batch) to your sausage depending on your preferences. For more info on how to make Fresh Sausage check out the Fresh Sausage section of Meatgistics university

    Nice to hear even more people are picking up the art of sausage making.

    Oh, and we have almost every Excalibur Seasoning, Additive and Cure broken down by 1 and 5 lb btaches. You can find that by clicking on the Scales icon at the top where it says conversion chart.

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    smokinbubba I agree, Sams pork butt by the case works for me also. But they don’t sell Butt B-O. Have to make a 200m round trip to buy cases at R.D. B.O. always has a good fat cap. I also by Sams chuck roll (black angus) by the case. I get a discount for case buys.

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