Sous vide container + sous vide recommendations

  • Team Orange

    What are you all using for a container for finishing your snack sticks/summer sausage with sous vide. Im looking at getting one in the next few weeks and trying to figure what container Im gonna use when I dump in 25 lbs of snack sticks + water.

    Im mainly gonna be finishing snack sticks/summer sausage in 25lb or less batches. So Im thinking I’ll probably be trying to heat 3-7gallons of water? Any suggestion which unit/size I will want?

  • I make much smaller batches but I use A square Rubbermaid 12 liter tote I got at Amazon really like it think they also sell bigger ones. I usually do 8-10 pounds of sausage or sticks works great.

  • I use mine with my sous vide, best investment I have made for making my cured sausages

  • Team Orange Power User Masterbuilt

    I use a meat lug but put 12-12.5 pounds of sticks in at a time. Takes about 8 minutes.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    deanlorensen Yeah, a meat lug seems to be the best. It does take a bit to get that much water going though so you’ll want to add hot water, either from the pot or the stove depending on how much time you have for the water to come up to temp.

  • Team Orange

    Check out your local sporting good store or even a Wallmart type of store for a insulated cool. They come in lots of sizes and work well because of the insulation. I start with hot tap water and add hot water from the stove. This saves time and your heater dosen’t have to work so hard and long to get up to temp. Then I cover it with a large sheet pan and towel for extra insulation.

  • Team Blue

    coleman party cooler

  • Team Orange Sous Vide Regular Contributors

    I bought a cheap 1k watt unit from amazon to make sure this worked for my sausage operation before I spent bigger bucks on a large nice unit. Got to say, the elcheapo unit works great. I use mine a couple times a week for non sausage items also. I use a 40qt non insulated rubbermaid tote. It works, but there are better options like a beverage cooler. I will be working on that soon myself.
    I will never go back to smokehouse only thermal processing sausage again. I can make great products and still go to bed at a decent hour!

  • Sous Vide Canning PK100 Team Blue Power User Regular Contributors

    Coleman stacker. For reference it holds a 24 pack of beer cans standing up. Lots of room to lie snack sticks with minimal water. It holds heat really well.

  • Team Orange

    There was some discussion on one of the live streams or in a different post about placing the product directly into the water and the type of sous vide. I believe there is a kind that draws water in heats it and propels it back out. And the other style is a exposed propeller and separate heating element to heat the water? The later was desired so a person didnt have to vac seal the meat.
    Is there a way to determine which style any given unit is? I’ve done a little shopping here and there and it looks like I’d like to get a unit around 1000watt level.

  • Team Orange Sous Vide Regular Contributors

    deanlorensen I have the type that sucks water in, heats it up and spits it out. Run my sausage naked, no bag, no problems. Elcheapo 1k unit from amazon

  • I do the same thing with mine that I paid about 50.00 for. Just did A 3 pound pork loin at 140 degrees for 5 hours. Melts in your mouth tender more than just finishing sausage.

  • Team Orange

    deanlorensen Yes their is two basic types of sous vid machines. One is a all in one unit that holds the water and has the heating element and recirculation pump build in. These are for more of a restaurant application and are very spendy. The other is just the heater and pump in one unit and can be mounted on any type of vessel that suits your need. they may very in size and shape but all do the same thing.

  • Team Blue Canning

    deanlorensen If you are still looking, I picked this up at COSTCO online. Its the Anova Sous Vide and container for 199. I have had it a few weeks and really like it. I have only done 6 lb batches so far, but believe 10 would be fine.20210213_201546.jpg

  • VÄESKE Insulated Large Sous Vide Container with Lid and Racks Kit | Neoprene Retains Heat | Sous Vide Accessories (26 QT, Container/Sleeve/Racks) $139 on Amazon…works great for sausage and the neoprene sleeve works great.

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