• Hello new here from MA, I’ve been hunting for a while and just started doing more of my own processing the last 5 years mainly using friends equipment. I’m at the point I want to get my own stuff I’m looking into the Weston and LEM #22 I need a mixer that will attach, is the dual grind worth going with LEM over Weston?

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    mudmuppet Well what you are really going to want to buy is a Walton’s Grinder. I have seen the dual grind feature on the LEM, but don’t know anything about them or how well they work. Walton’s does not sell LEM, and I don’t believe they have any Weston grinders currently in stock, or are able to get them at this time. Walton’s has it own line of grinders from #8 all the way up to a #32. Walton’s also sells two sizes of their own mixers which fit their grinders (small grinder/small mixer 25#, large grinder/large mixer 50#). Plus if you buy from Walton’s you are supporting a small family owned business, and who doesn’t like to do that?

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    IMO I don’t see a need for dual grinder. Never used one but… It’s really not a big deal to do a second grind and you’ll probably have better control of what you’re grinding.
    As far as the rest… What Tex_77 said.

  • I have a buddy with the dual grind LEM 22 it’s all I’ve been around until yesterday I used a 1/4 hp LEM the first grind of 35 lbs wasn’t terrible definitely not as good as it’s bigger brother but good lord the fine plate after was excruciating I did about 2 lbs in ten minutes I’d push the plunger down and it would come up the tube all around it. I ended up doing the large plate for the second grind and it wasn’t much better, having to freeze between grinds just to push it through the smaller grinder sucks. I hope the bigger 1&1.5 hp don’t have these problems. Has anyone used the new made by meat stuff? https://www.[link removed]/

    I’m not sure if it’s a rebranded Weston or LEM like the Cabelas version or not. The # 32 looks good

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