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  • Made a trip down to Wichita today to check out the store. Very cool to see all the stuff in person. That #22 grinder looks amazing. I might have to sell my #8 and upgrade! Unlike the website, when you have it all right in front of you, there is a tendency to just start throwing stuff in the cart. Pocket book is a little lighter but was fun.

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    Grimpuppy Sorry you made it down on a Saturday and our retail store manager is still out of the office as he and his wife just had their 2nd baby! Hope it lived up to the expectations!

  • Absolutely. I don’t know the guys name that was working but he knew his stuff. I got what I thought was a stuffing nozzle for 16mm casings. When I got to the checkout he informed me it was the wrong one and got me what I needed.

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