wild duck sausage

  • Well I’m still having trouble with the texture, Here is what I am doing. I use 5lbs at a time 2.5 duck ,2.5lbs 50/50 pork,Waltons seasoning, 4oz water .7 oz carrot binder. grinder I grind the meat thru a 3/8 " twice. The meat has a paste like consistency I stuff with hog casings . The sausage comes out with an almost gritty texture. I have done 4 batches and I’m about ready to give up. Not enough fat, maybe the duck meat is not the issue not grinding the pork well enough? I shoot a fair amount of ducks and was hopeing to find a good reciepe

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    duckbill what are you using for a grinder? What size? Is your meat partially frozen at time of grinding? Are your plates and knives sharp? What are you stuffing it with?

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