Smoke house rack spacing.

  • Getting ready to build a backyard smoke house. I’ve decided on building 4 racks 3’X3’ and be removable so I can hang meat as well. My question is how much space is recommended between racks? TIA!

    I have a cast iron wood stove, and will be adding a propane pipe burner for heat control.

    Photo is not mine, but will look similar.


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    The main rule for smoking is that you never want the product making contact in the smoker. For best results, the product needs even flow of heat, smoke and air around the product. Depending on the size of what you are smoking, this makes the spacing distance kind of a moving target.

    At a minimum, you probably want your rack system spacing capable of handling the largest product you ever intend to smoke.

    Another option is to devise a flexible system that can be adjusted to suit the dimensions of the product you intend to smoke .

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