PK100 and kielbasa

  • PK100

    I got to make kielbasa today. It went ok. Jonathan told me of a trick to get the pk to the temp I want. Seems if you press both up and down buttons the temp will go to 60. If you hit down arrow you get to 250 You can then count by detgees down to get where you need to go. Totally works if I don’t have anyone to face time or anything. Also, While making the kielbasa I experienced stall out. The internal temp of the kielbasa was around 134 degrees. It stayed there for a few hours. I took the kielbasa out when the internal temp was 147. The casing was hard in some places. I used the grilleye pro and the meater to track the temp. The grilleye read 10 degrees higher than the meater. Can’t tell what the pk100 temp was but the grilleye went back and forth between like 174 and 161. The meater was roughly 10 degrees lower with its readings.

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