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  • I am really considering the PK 100 for making summer sausages. I used my analog cookshack this weekend with pretty good results but it did not want to produce much smoke at 125-145 degrees. I used 2oz of wood chunks. It kept the temps just right (I use a Thermoworks ThermaQ with grate clips attached to the casing ends).

    #1, Do the sawdust smokers work better at 125-145 at producing smoke than chunk burners? I know that once I hit 175 degrees on the cookshack, it rolls smoke out of the blow hole for 10-12 hours.

    #2, How well does the PK 100 do at smoking briskets and ribs? This will be the other use I will use it for monthly. My cookshack only has 14x14 shelve and I would like to do ribs whole and brisket whole if possible.

    #3, What is the downside to the smoker only going to 250 degrees and not to 325 or so. I have only used my cookshack to do pork butts and I just use 225 for them. I sold my 36" offset and not looking for a stick burner.

    Does anyone have pics of the PK with ribs/ briskets loaded and finished products?

    I just don’t see much info the the PK around the web like other smokers out there.

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    Not the pk100 but grand daddy of pk. Im sure you could do atleast 4 - 6 butts and briskets

  • I just use my smoke tube filled with pellets to add smoke. It works well just put it on the bottom rack.

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    ButcherBrown In my opinion the PK100 is about as good as it is possible to get with this size smoker, I have done hams and bacon, ribs and pork butts in it and it the color and smoke flavor are on the same level as the big commercial smokehouse. Now, it is not without issues, the price is pretty high and you can only use sawdust in it but that’s about it, other than that the insulation is amazing, the heat wave is very reasonable compare to other smokers and the vents system adds some good versatlity. Also, we never use the lower watt setting.

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