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  • I’ve made several batches of Summer Sausage, and things are going great, people love them. Question I have, what makes Snack sticks different from SS? Is it just the size? Can I use my SS meat/seasoning and stuff it into a Snack casing (yes, I realize it will likely cook quicker being smaller, I will check it independently of the SS logs)?
    Thank you in advance.

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    Basically yes thats the only difference is size, although snack sticks seasoning has alot more flavor selection. Traditional summer sausage have a certain flavor that they try to maintain. I get about a pound of snack stick seasoning meat left over in my stuffer that i can not get out so i put it in a jerky gun and shoot it into a Summer sausage casing. No difference besides the size on that aspect.

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    McCrackin Yeah, the main difference is size of the casings, sometimes there will be larger particles of seasoning in a summer sausage seasoning but not always. You can make any snack stick into summer sausage and the same thing vice versa. That is from a retail perspective, might not work for commercial processing as there need to be specific ingredients sometimes to be able to call some a Summer Sausage or ham or what not.

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    For many years, H summer sausage seasoning is all I used for sticks. I would add extra ingredients to get them to fit my taste, mostly garlic and red pepper flakes, and of course, hi temp cheese

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