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    I’m doing 160# of pork shoulder for my son’s wedding next week. Looking for some bulk rub as I’m not sure how much I’ll need. I found “Roast Pork Seasoning Rub from Newly Weds Foods” in the seasoning section. Is this good for pulled pork? The description isn’t very specific. Any suggestions on amount of rub I’d need would be greatly appreciated.

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    Big DLD With it being next weekend you will need to order something that is in stock, if you do something like this again, we can normally order seasonings in bulk for special occasions. Now I would recommend Pa’s Soluble black bull and inject them, but I have been told I am a “fan boy” for that seasoning, I use it on butts, briskets, turkey…really anything. If you are looking for a rub I’d recommend going with a few of the larger shakers. You have 160 lb so avg butt is around 6-9, lets call it 8 for ease so you have 20 pork butts to do. You could get by with 10 regular shakers (I normally use about 1/2 of a standard shaker) so 4-5 of the larger shakers would be perfect is a link to some of the Excalibur big ones. Dont forget that after you pull the pork sprinkle some more of the seasoning on the shredded meat. Pork butts have a lot of meat and even the best bark is going to be helped by some more seasoning directly on the meat. Out of the large ones I linked to above the traditional KC will probably appeal to the most amount of people.

    Good luck! An sorry, we dont really do anything with the newlyWeds seasoning so I can’t offer an opinion there, we carry them for some customers but mainly focus on Excalibur.

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    Big DLD as Jonathon mentioned the Pas Black bull i agree is a fantastic seasoning for injection. However for a group feeding with different tastes i keep it a bit milder and more on the sweeter side. I did a 100 person wedding and made 10 pork butts totaling 85lbs (which was way more than enough). To pretest the flavor i did one with Pas Black Bull and rubs, and another one using just chicken broth and the same rubs. The bride picked the chicken broth one although she said both were delicious. Like i said, a bit more mellow and catered to a wide variety of taste buds.

  • Team Orange

    Thanks for the help. With all the wedding stuff and Easter this next weekend I need to keep it a simple as possible.
    I got 6 shakers coming and a couple of hats:)

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