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    I was reading another post where another member stated had this from a few years ago and printed it out. They were talking about ECA and binders for snack sticks and summer sausage.

    I believe this was the thread posted.

    Is this chart available?

    Is there also something that will let the user know when and what products to use for which finished product

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    In my opinion, it is important to understand the difference between those ingredients/additives which are mandatory and others that are optional.

    Many of the optional additives can be used to add certain flavors or textures to suit the individual preferences that people have.

    Other optional additives are used to address problems that some home sausage makers may have due to limitations in their equipment or processes, but that do not necessarily affect everybody.

    Some of the mandatory ingredients are the ones that are used to make the sausage making process safe or to achieve a finished product that fits the flavor and texture profile for a particular sausage style.

    The point here is that it can be difficult to condense all the data for making sausages into a single chart. Sometimes there just is no substitute for education and practical experience. Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions.

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    DennyO There is alink at the top of meatgistics with the scale icon that will take you directly to the cure, seasoning and additives conversion chart. Is that what you were looking for?

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    DennyO check out the Meatgisitics University videos for the products you want to make, they will tell you what to use. There are also multiple Meatgistics University posts about the different types of additives and their uses.

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