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    Waltonsinc.com/live for our livestream which starts in 15 minutes! I am going to draw winners for last months giveaway (the choose your adventure one) and we will be announcing Aprils giveaway, which smart users will already have figured out!

    Plus, and this is not an april fools day joke, our webcaster wont turn on so we are going to be trying to do this from a cell phone today!

    It is going to be me and perhaps Patrick and Londyn will drop in to say hi!

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    Jonathon just got done watching the recorded live stream, i wanted to jump in on the bratwurst conversation. Someone mentioned Reuban with corned beef. I did a batch of this. I wanted to stay with the traditional corned beef for this. As it is very good with kraut and the cheap version sauce of thousand island one thing i noticed without the toppings is from the premade corned beef and the seasoning it made it a bit salty. Which makes sense. But still very edible.

    The other one that i was thinking of is taking some of the tricks of the jambalaya.
    Except making authentic spanish rice and adding to the pork, topped with authentic guacamole. What im not sure of is which seasoning would best suit that. The salsa? Or i think there is another seasoning in the specialty fresh bratwurst section that i cant think of off the top of my noggin. I know i dont want heat into it, although it may pair better with heat say the hatch green chili. I just gave some of that to Tex_77 lol

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    twilliams I’ve thought of this alot recently as I wanted to make a guacamole brat. I’ve not gotten to it yet but I am fairly certain the best choice would be the salsa like you mentioned. The other option that might be good with it would be either the Sundried Taomoato Brat or go really out there with the Green Tea one. The green tea would be interesting because the seasoning already imparts a creaminess and adding Guac to that could be interesting. Of all of Excaliburs “Foody” line I would say the green tea was the most interesting, most people like the Smoked Gouda and Portabella one but I didn’t care for that.

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