Summer sausage

  • Wanting to try the jalapeno summer sausage seasoning but looking on line doesn’t look like there is any pieces of jalapeno in it. Was wondering if anyone has tried it and has any tips, thanks

  • @BigJohn72
    That is a great question I have been wanting to make some summer sausage with high temp cheddar cheese and chuncks of jalapeño. Sounds great. I usually make 25# batches but I don’t want to make 25# of sausage that is too hot to eat. Looking for a good recipe. I know their is a Lot of different heat levels in fresh jalapeños.

  • @Papa-Gale I ordered the jalapeno summer sausage and some high temp cheddar and also the high temp pepper jack cheese for my regular sausage, going to try it out and see how it works.

  • Walton's Employee

    Hi guys the Jalapeno Summer Sausage does not have chunks of Jalapeno in it, they are ground up to mix in better. You can always try adding jalapenos to it but if you do that then I would recommend you use the Jalapeno Flakes in the future. You can rehydrate them with before you add them to your meat by using 5 parts water to 1 part jalapeno. I hope this helped!

  • @Jonathon
    Thanks Jonathan, this is good info. Thank you

  • What is the best meat to pork fat ratio to use?

  • I’ve made some with jalapenos, just have to remember they vary a lot heat so i diced them fine and did a test with 1/2 pound, cooked it on the wood stove in our clubhouse and went from there. I really cant remember how much we put in but i did it by weight, I try to do everything by weight. But once we settled we just mixed them in, jalapeno/cheddar mix and they came out good. I always use a 50/50 mix with pork and venison for all my recipes too. I’ve never done the pork fat thing. I just use bonless pork butts that i grind myself. If you have a Restaurant Depot store near by they have the best deal by far on boneless pork but you have to buy the case, i.e. 40# at a time.

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  • @BigJohn72 I just chopped up three jalapeño and added them to my last two pounds of a 13 pound batch ! They added a nice flavor and not really any heat - just a little definetly not overpowering but then again I didn’t try them by themselves to know if they were hot on there own !!!

  • hey, i use high temp cheese and fresh jalapenos in bbq sausage and it comes out great. i core the jalapenos so there is very little heat. the fresh jalapenos do not keep very long, though. even frozen .

  • @BigJohn72
    Hello BigJohn72 I use 50/50 ground pork & ground beef with around 30% fat, plus add high temp pepper jack cheese as suggest per 10 lbs.

  • @edsbbq hi ed. What is this BBQ sausage you speak of. ?! Sounds interesting

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