Starbucks egg bites (instant pot)

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    Posting here by request
    Need instant pot, 2 rubber instant pot 7 egg holders.
    Makes 14 egg bites.
    8 eggs
    1/2 cup cottage cheese
    1 lb. hot breakfast sausage
    1 cup gruyere cheese
    1/4 cup Thin sliced green onion
    Pinch. Red pepper flakes

    In a blender. Blend eggs, cottage cheese, gruyere cheese and red pepper flakes. Until the eggs are frothy. Stir in sliced green onions.
    In the egg holders. Add sausage crumbles. Into the bottom of each mold.

    Pour into rubber egg mold and cover with lid. Or foil if you don’t have the lid.

    Instant pot on high pressure for 10 minutes. Then natural release for another 10 minutes.
    Remove and uncover.
    Flip rubber egg holders upside down onto a plate. Pinch rubber and egg bites will fall right out.

    Serve hot.

    You can change the fillings to anything you want.

  • Team Blue Big Green Egg Masterbuilt Canning Kamado Joes Regular Contributors Power User

    That’s awesome I’ll have to give it a try

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