Need advice!!!!! Not sure if meat is temped

  • I have a Bradley Smoker. Did 10lbs of sticks this afternoon. The sticks were in the smoker for 4-1/2 hours with an oven temp of 200-210 the entiretime. But by the time I went and got them out of the smoker (had a health scare with the dog), the smoker had been off so long there wasn’t even any heat in it still, like I was able to grab the rack with my bare hand with no issue. The smoker was off at least 30-40 minutes by the time I got to them. Small amount of radiant heat coming off the sticks still but been long enough out of the heat that I wasn’t able to get a true temp off them. Think they’re ok or should I put them in the kitchen oven for a while

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    keoni02 not quite sure how your smoker works but 200°- 210° for the entire time is not how you would typically do snack sticks. Does you smoker have an automatic shut off when it reaches the desired IT set temp? If it does and you had it set for 160° id say your good to go, however eat at your own risk and not my opinion

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    I am wondering if you were using a meat probe? Like an i-grill or a meater plus. If not this is highly recommended to monitor your actual internal and ambient temps. I used a Bradley for many years, and it was notorious for being different than what the digital smoke generator said. Just saying.

  • No real way to know but my guess is they hit 160 if the smoker went the full 4 1/2 hours at 200-210.

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    From what I recall, the Bradly smokers are not very large internally.

    Trying to smoke 10 lbs of sticks squeezed in a small smoker is not a good practice and does not insure uniform temperatures throughout the batch.

    Proceed with caution.

  • So I decided to put them in the oven for a couple hours to make sure they were above temp. I feel better now about eating them

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