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  • Hey folks. Love your site. We own Bacon Acres Farm, a heritage Hog Farm in North East Oklahoma and sell Registered Tamworth Breeding Stock, Butcher Pigs and Boxed Pork Products. My passion is meat processing and I like to specialize in Charcuterie. Walton’s seems to be limitless with their products and very helpful with their online information. I’ve already been in touch with our district rep and he is going to help me get started with some of our signature products that we hope to sell on our website ( We hope to have a small USDA cut and wrap facility up and running in the near future and I’m sure Walton’s will be a big part of our operation.

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    @Bacon-Acres-Farm Welcome to Meatgistics!

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  • @rodneycaudill ok ok, y’all are convincing me. I will look more at the vacuum chamber. Thanks for y’alls input!

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    I bought a chamber vacmaster vp 120 from waltons over a year ago, and it works great. just don’t get nothing inside the bag where it seals the bag.

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    We’ll that was the first thing that came to mind the first batch i ever made. had a cold beer in hand and was sampling one and closed my eyes to savor the moment and the smoke aroma smelled just like i had a lit cigar in my mouth thus the term [meat cigars]

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