Ratio of Pink Salt & Binder per Pound of Meat Only, or Meat and Veggies?

  • Hi everyone, we’re trying to make a sausage comprised of about 1/3 pork, and 2/3 veggies - should we use the ratio of pink salt and binder per pound of meat only or per pound of total weight including the veggies?

    We tested a batch with pink salt per pound of meat only, and binder per pound of total weight including veggies and results seemed ok, but we’re new to this and just want to be sure we’re safe and have the best possible outcome.

    Thank you! Lisa Marie

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    Lisa Marie Perez It is only for the amount of meat, it serves to cure and preserve the meat alone and keep the coloring. Will do nothing for the veggies. Just weigh the meat and add the proper amount for the weight of the meat.

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    Lisa Marie Perez johnsbrewhouse is super correct on the cure#1. I do have some experience with what your batching. Tried to make Bulgogi sausage some time ago. (2/3 veggie) Thought it was a great idea… Problem was when i cooked / smoked the sausage the veggies got soft and released a lot of great liquid during caramelization / rendering, as they should. When you cut or bit into the sausage everyone within range got an unexpected dose of sausage juice. I was told to put that idea to rest 😊

  • Thank you for the quick reply guys! We’ll stick to the ratio for meat to pink salt and try dialing down the ratio of meat to veggies. First batch came out pretty good but a little too long on the cook so kinda dry. Oh well, trial and error right?

    Thanks again! Lisa Marie

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    Great responses guys, thank you. One more thing to keep in mind, if you use fish as your “meat” that changes it as well as most fish contain decently high levels of nitrates already. This will be an upcoming (next few months) meatgistics university episode.

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