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  • Hello everyone, from Mansfield, Ohio. I took meat processing in high school, but I haven’t really done anything with it. I do process my own deer sometimes. I have been collecting tools and equipment like knives, smoker, grinder, dehydrator and slicer. I would to put my skills to use. Look forward to reading posts from other people. Thanks for having me and God Bless.

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    @spatrick988 Welcome to Meatgistics, let us know if you have any questions or go ahead and post any tips or recipes that you really enjoy! Getting to the point in the year where deer processing information will become more relevant for sure.

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  • @Joe-Hell
    Might have to check into that attachment. Thanks.

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  • @PapaSop I added the cold smoker attachment to my MB40…I stopped using the regular chip tray the same day I installed it and I’ve yet to go back.

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  • @pauliedmondsjr
    LOL. Everything is better with smoke on it. I have two MB smokers. Have had issues with chips catching fire thus raising the internal temperature and way to much smoke. Thought this would help moving the smoke source away from the burner(using LP). Thanks for the suggestions.

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