• Some buddies and I were checking this out a couple weeks ago. The rules for the hunt are pretty insane as far as weapon, ammo (lead free), and the hunt itself. Also no motorized vehicles to pack in or out with. They are going to draw down to 25 hunters, then draw down to 12 from there with the 13 not drawn being alternates.

    I heard Johnathon and Austin mention it on the podcast today so I thought I would revisit it. The registration is closed and they received 45,000 applications!

    Check it out here.

    Buffalo Hunt

  • You better bring your Wheaties. C88A5CD5-2206-45D4-B949-A786DE0FE4D1.jpeg

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    Grimpuppy Colion Noire (2a advocate) was talking about hunting Buffalo on a Rogan podcast from a few weeks ago and it sounds like a very harrowing experience!

  • Grimpuppy I’ve been taking moose out of the bush for 30 years with a one wheeled cart. The first time was with a 72 year old buddy who’d recently had his hip replaced. It was three plus miles with a half mile of muskeg and took two trips. Those were the good old days. Now a days I hunt from the road and have 1500 feet of cable to drag them out. Sure hope I get lucky this fall so I can make salami and garlic sausage.

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