Walton's 12" Slicer Review/Recommendation

  • I noticed that the 12" slicer is currently on sale and would like to know if anyone has it and possibly tell me how it is? I’ve been looking for a replacement slicer for mine. I’ve mainly used it for slicing bacon and it’s been a pain in the a*s. It’s basically too small. I had planned to get a commercial unit earlier this year but I found the bowl chopper and that ended that purchase. Any recommendations would be great!

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    Pivodog So, when slicing bacon you will still have to slice the belly in half as the entire thing won’t fit on the carriage. This is the slicer I use almost exclusively for everything we do like jerky or ham and bacon. Now, if you are looking for something to slice your roast beef (or whatever) paper-thin consistently you would need a commercial slicer like a Hobart or a Bizerba. These do a good job but it is still a slicer that is designed for home processors, not commercial applications. Cute dog!

  • Jonathon Sorry to bombard you with more questions.

    1. what size of motor does your 12" use?
      2.is it belt-driven or gear-driven?
    2. max/min slice size?


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    Pivodog It is belt driven, 250 watt and the largest piece of meat you can get on there is about 8.5" though 8" is the most reasonable size. Pretty much all slicers, including commercial ones are belt-driven now.

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