• So my brother’s wife is on a pollotarian diet and I found that they do not eat beef or pork. There meals are mostly a fish , chicken or vegetarian. I would like to make some kind of a bratwurst or a sausage for but I don’t know very much sausages that don’t contain red meat or some kind of pork if anyone could give me advice on what I could make so that way when we grill she doesn’t feel like she has to be out of the group

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    I’ve made chicken sausage a number of times, cured and fresh, using chicken thighs. It’s come out great. Obviously, the texture and flavor are different, but tasty. I buy bone-in/skin-on thighs and then debone them. I save the bones for stock, but the skin goes through the grinder with the meat for flavor and texture.

    I’ve also found it good to use homemade chicken stock instead of water. That improves the flavor and texture, as well.

    As for recipes, I tend to keep them simple, but chicken is at least as versatile as beef or pork. I’ll dig around for what I have.

  • Thank you for the information I will have to look into making chicken sausages

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    This was a good recipe: Garlic & Feta Chicken Sausage

    I tweaked it some, though. I upped the meat block to 5 lbs. and adjusted the rest of the ingredients accordingly, but I cut back on the salt. I “pan roasted” the garlic like mentioned in one of the comments and used that oil in the recipe. I added some tarragon (because I love tarragon). I hand mixed everything and did not run the salt or pepper through the grinder. Finally, I used sheep casings for a smaller and more tender sausage. I was pretty happy with it!

    I have my notes buried somewhere, and I need to give this one another shot!

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    TexLaw Looks like a good tasty recipe
    Jonathan I happened to have a bite of chicken sausage you made sometime back at the store do you have a latest go to?
    Also depending on how strict the no red meat diet is you might consider collagen casings

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    glen said in Pollotarian diet ??:

    Also depending on how strict the no red meat diet is you might consider collagen casings

    Good point! I didn’t think of that.

  • TexLaw is right about the thighs being the right meat. In a previous life the turkey ham consisted of thigh meat only with a very solid binder along with spices and smoke it was a good product. I do believe that adding cure and surejel binder along with a long session of smoke you can produce a solid sausage. I would smoke and cook at a low and slow pace then refrigerate or freeze them so you can grill them later at a quicker rate.

    P.S. the skins where used for franks and bologna.

  • Okay so I’m making these tomorrow I’ve got all the stuff I need for the recipe the only question is should I do a quarter inch or 3/16 inch grind and should I do it twice

  • Me, I like more particle definition and bite, but some do not. If she is a picky eater I would do one grind through each plate starting with the larger one.

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    KARLHEIDOLPH I like and use a finer grind for chicken, so go with the 3/16"

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    KARLHEIDOLPH I make a chicken and wild rice brat for the shop that is popular. I’ll add the same ingredients you find in the soup including chicken stock, celery, carrots, onions and flat leaf parsley. You’ll want to use some of the fattier cuts and a bit of skin to make up for the lack of fat.

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