Mexi-chorizo Patties and Bulk Sausage

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    I was curious to try the Mexi-chorizo seasoning on the recommendation of others here in the community.

    My meat block was 50/25/25 venison, pork butt, pork fat. Ground it though 3/8 inch and 3/16 inch plate and mixed in the seasoning after the first grind.

    Originally the plan was to make a 5 lb test batch, but that quickly turned into a 15 lb batch after I fried up a test patty. Yum! Very good flavor with nice complexity and residual heat.

    10 lbs will be patties and 5 lbs as 1 lb bulk packs. I can see this getting used as taco meat or as addition for other southwestern dishes. And of course as a breakfast sausage.


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    Very nice. Not tried that one yet.

  • Crumble it up and fry until done then stir in some eggs and cook until the eggs are done, put that in a hot tortilla add some Tabasco and now you are eating.

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    You guys make this stuff look so easy, and so good. I gotta get a grinder and a stuffer, that’s all there is to it.

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    Jonesy said in Mexi-chorizo Patties and Bulk Sausage:

    You guys make this stuff look so easy, and so good. I gotta get a grinder and a stuffer, that’s all there is to it.

    It is easy.
    Yes, you do! :grin: :grin:

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    Jonesy In about a month, I might have a good beginner’s stuffer and grinder available you can have. I’ll keep you updated.

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    processhead that sounds like one of my next purchases. Good looking batch

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    Chef That would be great, chef. I’m in Ohio. I’ve a brother in Houston. Maybe we’ll figure this out so I can drive down to visit him this summer, and meet you at the same time!

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    Jonesy get the best you can budget for or better and you will not disappoint your self and be frustrated

  • Jonesy be forewarned it’s a very addictive, fun, and a very tasty hobby, so now you will have no excuse. :grin:

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    Jonesy It is addictive. You and I are both trying to become healthy. It is possible to do so with no process food, controlled fat content, and even the addition of vegetables. I recently got the Marianski’s book “The Art of Making Vegetarian Sausages”. Low fat and reduced calories.

    It is possible to both eat healthy and have a lot of fun making recipes relevant to this community.

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    processhead I liked the seasoning blend but I prefer a bit more heat. Cased mine up in hog casings in 1/4lb links. I have a green chorizo recipe that I am going to have to try in the near future.

  • YooperDog said in Mexi-chorizo Patties and Bulk Sausage:

    green chorizo recipe

    Ok you have my curiosity peaked now “green chorizo” please share.

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    It is Hank Shaw’s recipe.

    Green Chorizo
    This recipe is meant for regular pork, but you can make it with most meats – just make sure you have between 20 and 35 percent fat by weight. If you can’t find a cool green powder like the nettle powder, you can add a little green food coloring. It makes about 5 pounds of sausage, and can be scaled up.
    Prep Time
    1 hr 30 mins
    Cook Time
    15 mins
    Total Time
    1 hr 45 mins
    Course: Cured MeatCuisine: Mexican Servings: 20 links Calories: 109kcal Author: Hank Shaw
    ▢5 pounds fatty pork shoulder
    ▢36 grams kosher salt, about 2 level tablespoons
    ▢1 cup roasted, stemmed, seeded and chopped green chiles (Hatch, Anaheim, poblano)
    ▢1 cup chopped cilantro

    ▢1 serrano chile, chopped
    ▢5 cloves garlic, chopped
    ▢1 teaspoon dried oregano, Mexican if possible
    ▢1 teaspoon ground cumin
    ▢1 teaspoon ground coriander
    ▢1 tablespoon minced fresh epazote (optional)
    ▢1/2 cup nettle/kelp/spinach powder (optional)
    ▢1 tablespoon C-Bind carrot fiber (optional)
    ▢1/4 cup lime juice
    ▢1/2 cup ice water
    ▢hog casings
    Get IngredientsPowered by Chicory
    Cut the pork shoulder into chunks that will fit in your grinder. Mix with the salt and put in a closed container in the refrigerator overnight. Doing this helps develop myosin in the meat, which helps your sausage bind to itself.
    The next day, put all your grinding equipment in the fridge, and the blade and a 6.5 mm (or medium) die in the freezer. Take out about 15 feet of hog casings and flush them with warm water, checking for leaks. Set the casings aside in a bowl of warm water.
    Put the roasted green chiles, cilantro, serrano chile, and the garlic cloves in a food processor and buzz until you have a fine mix, almost a paste. Mix that in a bowl with the oregano, cumin, and coriander. Put it in the fridge.
    Grind your meat through the grinder once or twice. Once if it’s decent pork shoulder, twice if you are using gnarly bits. Set the ground meat in the freezer while you clean up the grinder and set up your sausage stuffer.
    In a large bowl, mix the meat, the chile mixture, the nettle or spinach powder, if you are using it, as well as the carrot fiber, lime juice and ice water. I do this with my (very clean) hands for about 90 seconds, until I can’t stand it any longer; your hands should ache with cold while you are mixing. You want the entire 5-pound batch to stick to itself in a messy, sticky ball when you pick it up.
    Put the loose sausage in a stuffer if you are making links, or make patties if you want it loose. To make links, thread a casing onto the stuffer tube and leave about 3 inches of casing at the end. Fill the entire length of casing fully but not too tightly. Repeat until you have filled all your casings.
    To make links, starting from one end of the coil, pinch off about a 6-inch link at the end with one hand, then another by using your other hand. Roll the second link away from you about 5 times to form the link. Compress the end link with your hands and tie it off. Now move down the coil and pinch off two more links. This time you want to roll the link farthest from the end of the coil towards you about 5 times. Continue this with all the coils. Tie off the final link on the other side of the coil. Forming links this way keeps them from unraveling too easily.
    Use a clean needle or sausage pricker to piece the casing where there are air pockets. Gently compress each link to push out the air. Let your links hang for at least 1 hour on a drying rack, or whatever you can rig up. Ideally you’d let them hang overnight in a refrigerator, but even an hour’s worth of room temperature air will help the sausages bloom and fill their casings.
    Regardless, store your chorizo overnight before vac sealing and freezing. They will keep in the fridge a week or so.

  • YooperDog outstanding, thank you for the recipe the epazote has me sold. I make a pork dish with epazote and my whole office eats it like they are starving.

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    YooperDog Epazote is virtually an unheard of herb in this country. Living in Colorado and having Hispanic friends that have introduced it to my wife and my self has been fantastic. We use it in Pozole, Green Chile and just a touch in our Enchilada sauces. It adds a subtle flavor that is difficult to describe and it not an overwhelming taste that cumin can some times give. We buy it in dried leaf form and then either crumble or shred in a spice grinder to a powder, much like Gumbo File’ (sassafras powder). It’s not expensive and I recommend people to try it. It is carried in many grocery stores in the Mexican food/spice/herb section.

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    Oh Yeah! - One of my favorites. Absolutely love Chorizo.

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    Bob Stehlik mrobisr I have been sitting on this one for a bit. No epazote up here, needed to get to a big metro area that have it in their stores. It is on my to do list along with Canadian bacon, Weiss wurst and breakfast this month. Running out of time.

  • YooperDog I get my epazote through Amazon and have some kelp ordered that is scheduled for Monday delivery, so hopefully Saturday 29th I will be making some green and regular chorizo. I will let you know how it turns out.

    Edit: I have 2 loin roast in the fridge curing now, one for Canadian bacon and the other for ham loin.

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    YooperDog I picked up a marked down pork loin last week and also received my Blue Ribbon Maple Cure and Bacon Taste booster last week as well. I plan on doing a Canadian Bacon in the next week or two. As far as Epazote goes, Penzey’s in Milwaukee should carry that. If not try Menard’s they carry everything ! ( I say jokingly). Weisswurst sounds good I always pick some up from Usinger’s every time I’m back in the Milwaukee area. In my opinion Usinger’s make a pretty good product for being a commercial operation.

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