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    Well, thank you to everyone who responded, I actually feel better now. I was starting to worry that I was being a drama queen about it but ive started to see unstocked shelves a little too often and Ive seen us and others struggle more with stock issues again, and worse shipping issues. Ammo is unbelievably annoying and I’d never ask people not to stock up on ammo but man, leave some for other people who want to protect their family too!

    johnsbrewhouse I’ve heard of farmers/ranchers being told by the usda that they can’t send all of their meat to market but that is all second hand so who knows. If it IS greed that is causing this then it is disgusting, we should be better than that. The good thing is, by me being prepared it means I can take care of my neighbors too if need be. Wife and I looked at selling the house and while we would get a great price for it, we’d then be way over paying for something when we bought and with 2 large dogs an apartment isn’t an option!

    So, thanks again to everyone for responding.

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    craigrice you probably learned more than you realize. The influence has been with you all these years.

  • processhead I will add that most folks do not realize how little food is in the stores and warehouses that supply them when compared to the surrounding population. Most cities and communities only have about 3 days worth of products and that is without hording.

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    In Vegas we are seeing prices raising steadily. Meat, lumber, housing, wages… oops not wages. Stores are a little short on some thing but nothing you cant work arround.

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    Jonathon went to go pick up some chicken and try the Chicken on the Run. The meat shelves are bare, not only at one store and not only chicken. I did manage to find a whole chicken so beer can chicken is what’s on the menu tonight. Along with burgers from my steer, Parmesan Garlic brats I made, pork chops from my hog, battered deep fried mushrooms, and homemade crab ragoons. That should last the week

  • twilliams sounds like some good meals to me

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    samspade I’m surprised your not seeing wages rising, it’s unbelievable around lower Wisconsin. All these sign on bonuses (one company doing a $5000 sign on) most are $2000. Starting wages of $16-$26 an hour just for mediocre jobs that are typically around $10-$12 and hour. So much for the federal starting wage of $15, most places are above that already. Besides what I call fresh out of high school jobs for starting workforce.

  • Tex_77 I usually shot 500-1000 rounds a month, this last year I have been restricting myself to 200.How much ammo one “needs” is entirely according to what one is preparing for. And we live in a (relatively) free nation, where each of us is allowed to decide that for themselves. You prove this yourself, saying you have plenty of meat stocked. Who gets to decide how much meat is 'too much"? It isn’t a matter of fairness, when you are free to prioritize anything for yourself!

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