Well hello from Long Island NY

  • I’ve been smoking meat for awhile and had a freinds Land Jäger and now I’m here to learn how to make then.

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    @zzrguy Welcome to the community!
    I don’t think we have our Landjaeger recipe on our waltonsinc.com site, but here is what our recipe looks like:


    Meat Block

    15 lb 80/20 Pork
    10 lb 70/30 Beef


    1-bag Landjaeger Seasoning Unit #4550390150
    1oz Sure Cure (packet included with the seasoning)
    2oz Smoked Meat Stabilizer
    1 Quart Ice Cold Water
    4oz Encapsulated Citric Acid (optional for added shelf stability; will add a tangy flavor to the meat)


    Grind pork through 1/8in grinder plate; repeat for 2nd grind
    Add pork to meat mixer, add dry ingredients, add water, and mix for 4 minutes
    Grind beef through 3/16in grinder plate
    Add beef to meat mixer with pork and mix an additional 4 minutes


    Stuff loosely into Natural Hog Casings
    Press flat and link into 4in links
    Hang in pairs and smoke


    You may also flip flop the beef and pork.

    Smokehouse Schedule

    120F for 30 minutes
    145F for 1 hour (start adding smoke)
    185F until internal meat temperature of 155F (continue adding smoke throughout this cycle)
    Shower final product or place in a ice water bath for 10-20 minutes to set the casings and cool the product


  • @austin
    Wow that’s a lot of meat. Can it be cut in half?

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    @zzrguy said in Well hello from Long Island NY:

    Wow that’s a lot of meat. Can it be cut in half?


    We just typically write up recipes to do a full bag of seasoning, and our seasoning typically comes in bags for 25lb or 100lb of meat.

    Just divide all the quantities by 2, but use the same process for grinding, mixing, smoking, etc.

    Hope that helps, and if you have any other questions, let us know!

  • Thanks for the reply

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