Venison mix for burger

  • Hi Waltons- I am planning on grinding fresh venison with pork fat/trimmings for burger. The questions I have are the following:
    What fat lean ratio do you recommend?
    How many times should I grind & with what size plates?
    I have a butcher series #22 with the standard plates sizes.


  • Walton's Employee

    @IVERYAN For your ground venison I would aim for whatever you like your ground beef for burgers. We find that 80/20 works well so I would go for 8 lb of venison to 2 lb of pork fat. A 90/10 ratio would work as well, it just might be a little lean for some people. You should grind twice, the first grind through a 3/8 (10mm) plate and the second grind through a 1/8th (3mm) plate.

    Let us know if you need anything else!

  • Thanks Jonathon.

  • Walton's Employee

    @IVERYAN You are welcome, let us know how they turn out! Consider adding some hi temp cheese to them, I love doing that with my burgers.

  • If you have family members that just can’t get past that the meat is wild game, consider grinding and mixing pork butt with a 50-50 ratio. Butts are cheap, and if a picky family member just can’t take venison, this will change their attitudes.

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