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    Hey guys, I know there is a lot going on right now and I will try to get to respond to a few things on here today but I saw this and figured it might save someone from being violently ill. Fratelli Beretta Uncured Antipasto Prosciutto, Soppressata, Milano Salami & Coppa

    FYI, TODAY IS THE DAY! I got the motor on Friday and the stuffer arrives today, so i am going to be testing what will hopefully be our new 20 lb Electric Stuffer!!!

  • Thanks, we have one unused and about a third used. No sickness but will be returning. Also did a search and signed up for immediate notification to anty recalls for Michigan (my state). I think everyone should signup for notifications if their state has them. Thanks again

  • Jonathon This is a little off-subject, but today I watched several videos of making home cured luncheon meats, like bologna, pickle loaf, SPAM, and other meats, and there were so many comments from people wanting to omit salt, or any type of cure. They seemed to want a shortcut, but also to do away with the very additives that make the meat safe. That scares me. It seems that they don’t even read the instructions on the cures, and to eliminate salt altogether seems so dangerous. Am I wrong?

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    Warrenlc57 no salt and no cure = very dangerous on the listed type of meats, also it would taste nothing like the intended product

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