Sausage made this weekend - Holly Regular Pork Sausage

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    A while back I had ordered some of the Holly Regular Pork Sausage spice blend, I finally got around to trying it this weekend… I did about 10 lbs of sausage… once cased, I cooked up about 4 lbs in the oven as I normally do before freezing for a quick breakfast item… I will be totally honest here, I was not impressed… I didn’t feel the flavors melded, and it ended up too salty…

    The other 6 lbs I tossed into a cold smoke for about 2 hours using pecan, then bagged it up and put it in the sous vide for about 3 hours @ 165… I tried the first piece right out of the sous vide, and the result was AMAZING!!! The links stayed as plump as when I had stuffed them, there was virtually no loss due to cooking, but they were not greasy… the flavors melded beautifully and the texture was perfect… Honestly some of the best tasting sausage I have made to date!!!

    This morning I nuked up one of the links, just to get it warm, (didn’t even bother to sear it), and it was AWESOME!!!

    The difference in cooking made all the difference in the world… it looks like the sous vide is going to be an integral part of my sausage making tools…

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    raider2119 You still doing this? I am making some Holly Regular today in a few different ways for a quick “Seasoning Sunday” video and was curious.

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    Jonathon If you are asking about doing the smoke then SV procedure, yes… I do that often… As for making the Holly Regular again, I don’t remember if I’ve made more… There are so many variations of sausages I want to try, generally I have been experimenting with a new recipe every time I make sausage…

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    Well, this weird. And a little spooky. Just ordered some of the Holly regular yesterday. Good stuff to know.

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    PapaSop I just made a bunch for Seasoning Sunday videos that we post on social media and everytime I make it, I wonder why I dont make it more often! We also did a few where we took jalapenos and cut them in half, stuffed them with cheddar cheese, rolled them in flattened out sausage and then grilled them…my good lord they were delicious! Ill post some pics eventually!

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    Sounds good. Can’t wait. :+1: :grinning:

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