If you're in KC try these places

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    Chaz on the Plaza - Amazing food and very good service. Certainly in the top 10 meals I have had in my life. Now, we had wine, beer and good company so who knows how much of that is affecting my “score” but even the asparugs stood out as amazing! Sorry, didn’t take pictures
    Sweet Siam - empty inside for sit down but man there were a lot of people coming to get take out!
    Denver Biscuit Company Huge portions. The first breakfast we went to there we messed up and ordered WAY too much. The biscuits are good and incredibly large and dense, so don’t order a Biscuit with butter, a slize of pizza and a BLT (where the B is for Biscuit and bacon) plus a side of eggs. You won’t finish it all!

    So, all in all I had a great time with my wife and some friends that came up for one day to have dinner and drinks with us. We went shopping to all the stores she can’t get down here, I bought her a purse and a nice hoodie, I tried to get her a nice dress but she doesn’t want one until we both finish this upcoming cut. I still bought my fat [censored] a nice shirt, figured if I ever do actually drop the extra weight it will still fit!

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    I see you took none of my recommendations, sad, truly sad.

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