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    In 10 minutes (or so) on waltonsinc.com/live we are having our bi-weekly Meatgistics livestream! We will be talking about a new seasoning, kippered beef, a new product, a possible new product and I will be showing off a brand new meatgistics feature! You can’t see it yet cause I haven’t put it on yet!

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    Jonathon quit teasing us with that new electric stuffer in the background…do the testing (I would be more than happy to help if you send me a prototype :) )and get it in stock !!! :) :)

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    Mcjagger Testing is all done, that unit will be 99% similar to the one that will make it to market. Austin and I are finishing up some ordering process stuff but testing is done. Really happy with how it turned out and we will have a ton of posts on it telling you guys how it performs and how to best use it as well as what to avoid doing. The final test was upping the circuit breaker to 1.75 amps from 1.5 and we think that did it. Bad news is that because it is a Walton’s exclusive unit, with different casts or moldings or whatever we paid them to do it is not going to be short. We are thinking that we won’t have them in stock and ready to ship until 2022.

    We have another “new” or at least new to Walton’s thing that we have done a little testing on that I am shocked about. I knew the Electric Stuffer would work, we just had to have them make some adjustments. This other thing is the one I am more shocked about. I don’t even want to say what it is yet, though early testing went much better than I thought it would. I don’t know why I am being so cagey probably 1/2 of the people who will read this know what I am talking about!

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