• Recently we’ve come across some Honey Ham Snack Sticks that we really like which I think are branded Klements.
    Now I find myself with an excess of cured and smoked ham and was wondering how I might take that and stuff it into a snack stick.

    Not sure who might have tried something like this so this is the place to go. I would think the ham could be course ground and mixed with a few other ingredients to make something pretty tasty but it would have to be a ‘stuffable’ consistency. Then not sure what do with it after that? - Smokehouse again?, Sous Vide? Looking for ideas.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  • Team Blue PK100 Kamado Joes Regular Contributors

    I used to get Honey Ham Sticks from a local hog farmer at our farmer’s market, along with a bunch of other flavors. I guess I always just assumed they were made no differently than most snack stick, but simply had a “honey ham” seasoning vs using actual ham in the meat block.

    Could certainly do what you propose, guess I’d just mix in with pork butt or similar in the grind and re-smoke. Be cautious of how much salt/seasoning you use since assume ham already has it?

  • Power User Canning Team Orange Regular Contributors

    that is an interesting flavor idea

  • Regular Contributors

    If it were a ground, cured and stuffed product, you could probably replicate the flavor. The texture might be something different though.

    To get it in stick form means you have to grind it relatively fine so it can be stuffed in a casing.

    Not to say it wouldn’t be tasty. It actually sounds pretty darn good. It just might not have the same texture as a formed ham product does. Dare I say it? mouth-feel, PapaSop ?!

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